On Overcoming Social Biases - A Conversation with Piera Marongiu
Narratives of PurposeMay 03, 2022
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On Overcoming Social Biases - A Conversation with Piera Marongiu

Join me for my discussion with Piera Marongiu as we switch gears from education, and shine a light on our new episode theme of inclusion. Piera is the founder of Integrate Include Engage which focuses on supporting organisations to identify where their blind spots are when it comes to inclusivity.

Piera has both a personal and professional understanding of the value and importance of inclusivity, especially in the healthcare industry and is an advocate for change in this area.

Tune into this episode to hear how our biases can actually help us to better understand where change needs to be made.

Show notes

Piera shared that she cannot stop listening to music by the Italian rock band, Måneskin. She also expresses that the book "The Only Black Person In The Room'' by Nadeesha Uyangoda carries a powerful message and perspective, and is a book that gave her an even deeper understanding of the significance of inclusivity within Italian culture. The film Sliding Doors is one of her recommendations due to the powerful and thought-provoking message. A song that she recommends is a Sardinian song called "Non Riesco a Riposare" which was based on a poem.

To connect with Piera, you can find her on LinkedIn and find out more about where she lectures at Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz