On Unity through Youth’s Voices - A Conversation with Mamobo Ogoro
Narratives of PurposeMarch 22, 2022
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On Unity through Youth’s Voices - A Conversation with Mamobo Ogoro

In today’s discussion I speak with Mamobo Ogoro, who is a Social psychologist, Social Entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Gorm Media - an impact focused digital media company based in Ireland. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mamobo identified that the subject she heavily researched in her studies was rising to the surface in media on a scale that she had never experienced before. Seeing a clear need for conversations and cultural exchanges around social issues with diverse perspectives, she started on this journey to shine a light on individuals with stories of their experiences to tell. Tune in to hear more about how this has evolved since the very beginning.


Show Notes

Mamobo shared the book that she is currently reading which significantly aligns with the mission of Gorm Media, Beyond Your Bubble by Tania Israel. She also told us that she cannot stop listening to the music from the Disney movie, Encanto as it has many messages that children of migrants are likely to relate to. One of her favourite artists and songs is “I Am Light” by India Arie. An audiobook that she highly recommends is The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt - Why good people are divided by politics and religion.

To find out more about Gorm Media, be sure to check them out on LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and their website. To connect with Mamobo, you can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter