On Learning Assertiveness - A Conversation with Alessandra Patti
Narratives of PurposeMarch 22, 2021x
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On Learning Assertiveness - A Conversation with Alessandra Patti

Alessandra Patti is the founder of FindYourWay Coaching, a consulting practice based in Zurich. She is an assertiveness skills and mental wellbeing coach, but also a Lecturer on "assertiveness skills for the future of work" and "self-esteem in the digital age" at the University of St. Gallen. On this episode, we talk about the benefits of practicing assertive communication on professional and personal wellbeing. Alessandra gives some insights on the trends she observes in this new space of assertive communication. She also shares with me her passion for self-care, learning, and supporting others to overcome challenges.


Show Notes

At the end of the show, I ask all my guests the same set of questions to get a sneak preview into their favourite music or books. Here are the links to Alessandra's answers. The song she constantly listens to at the moment is ‘In Your Eyes’ by The Weekend. The books she is currently reading are Genius Foods by Max Lugavere with Paul Grewal, and The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. The book that particularly resonated with her at a specific time in her life is 2 States: The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Baghat. Her all-time favourite books that she absolutely recommends are Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor E. Frankl, and Digital Etiquette by Victoria Turk. Alessandra also recommends the music from Romeo Santos, former member of the Aventura band, and the song ‘Bohemian Rapsody’ by Queen.

If you want to follow Alessandra on social media, this is her channel: LinkedIn.

In case you wish to have more information on a few points mentioned in our conversation, here are some useful links. The University of St.Gallen where Alessandra lectures. The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden is one of the books Alessandra talked about. Activate Your Life is the book she co-authored alongside other top global coaches. Her consulting practice, FindYourWay Coaching, is on social media, you can subscribe on these channels: LinkedIn and YouTube.