Our Partners

Find out which organisations have partnered with us to support our mission of amplifying social impact, and providing a digital audio platform to the voices of global changemakers.

AI for Life by Artefact

AI for Life is a festival and a platform for exchange between Swiss and European changemakers with the mission to democratise the use of health data and AI to accelerate innovation in health, taking into consideration ethics and responsibility.

AI for Life gathers public and private actors that want to innovate and make things change: startups, research labs, corporate, institutions, as well as political and economic decision-makers.

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Fructify Network

Fructify Network is a women-led organisation on a mission to spark the sustainability discussion with their community of impact-driven professionals. 

Fructify Network's vision is to reshape our economy by creating a powerful collaboration network that leads to the discussion of sustainable business transformation, where collective efforts drive lasting positive change on a global scale.

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