On Making Medical AI a Common Good - A Conversation with Bart De Witte
Narratives of PurposeNovember 08, 2022x
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On Making Medical AI a Common Good - A Conversation with Bart De Witte

Join me for today’s conversation where I will be speaking with Bart De Witte, a leading expert in digital transformation for healthcare in Europe and founder and CEO of the Hippo AI Foundation. As our world moves into the digital area, it’s the perfect time for this episode to provide you with insight, understanding and knowledge of how medical artificial intelligence can impact our ever changing world for the better.

At a young age, Bart was inspired and empowered by technology, and at the age of 18 wrote a school paper that predicted the impact of technology on the African continent and beyond. This conversation will give you a powerful insight on how working together and utilising artificial intelligence through open technologies, in the healthcare sector, can shape our world into a more equal place for our future and many generations to come.


Show notes

Bart shared that some of his favourite books are The Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zubov and The Undoing Project by Daniel Kahneman. And somebody he would love to listen to on this show is Nick Couldry from London School of Economics.

To connect with Bart, you can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn. To find out more about Hippo AI Foundation, you can connect with them on their website, their blog, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

This year, Hippo AI will be hosting the first open health data and AI summit on 1-2 December. You can register your spot here.

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