On Making Women’s Hearts Beat Longer - A Conversation with Petronela Sandulache
Narratives of PurposeJuly 29, 2022
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On Making Women’s Hearts Beat Longer - A Conversation with Petronela Sandulache

Join us for our last conversation of the season with Petronela Sandulache, tech-entrepreneur and multi-passionate woman who is the founder of Cordifio Health.

Cordifio Health is a digital health start-up focused on supporting women with their heart health through education, empowerment and patient advocacy. Petronela’s personal journey demonstrated the need for change in this area, and it is her mission to globally raise awareness in order to make women’s hearts beat longer.


Show Notes

The music that Petronela enjoys listening to is classical music with The Third Symphony of Beethoven being one of her favourites. She also enjoys vintage Italian music by day and jazz music by night. She is currently reading the biography of Shackleton who is the man whose goal was to conquer the South Pole.

One of the books that she highly recommends is The One World Schoolhouse by Salman Khan. She would also recommend the Netflix documentary Daughters of Destiny, which is the story of the Shanti Bhavan school.

A few books that she suggests our listeners to look out for is Sex Matters by Professor Alyson McGregor, "A Woman's Heart” by Professor Angela Maas, “Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado Perez, Go Figure - the astonishing science of the female body by Lisa Falco and The Woman Who Changed Her Brain and other inspiring stories of pioneering brain transformation by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young. 

To connect with Petronela, you can find her on LinkedIn. You can also find the Cordifio Health on their website, Instagram and LinkedIn.