Claire is the host of the award nominated podcast Narratives of Purpose

Portrait of Claire, the host of Narratives of Purpose podcast

Your Host: Dr. Claire Murigande

Claire is a scientist with 14 years experience in the life sciences Industry.
She holds a PhD in cell biology and an Executive MBA in digital leadership.

Claire has been recognised as a leader in her field and an authority on the advancement of women in healthcare.

Claire uses her voice, quite literally, to address important issues that are close to her heart both on and off stage.
She has become an outstanding keynote speaker, most notably as a TEDx speaker, on topics such as self-awareness, inclusive leadership, social impact and health equity.

Why Start a Podcast?

To answer this question, let's rewind a few years.
Claire was born in Burundi, East Africa, to parents from Rwanda. She grew up in Kenya, and the family moved to Switzerland.

These informative early experiences have impacted Claire's perspective on the world as well as her travels between the two continents.

Now she leverages her professional and personal background to build an audio first platform and community with her podcast production Narratives of Purpose.

Claire started Narratives of Purpose podcast 3 years ago to shine a light on social impact topics such as youth empowerment, inclusion, sustainable food solutions and global health equity, especially for women.

She is passionate about all of these issues and shares people's stories on a deeper, more emotional level to connect with her listeners.

This emotional engagement is a driving force behind the Narratives of Purpose podcast and the impactful potential of audio storytelling.

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Portrait of Claire, the host of Narratives of Purpose podcast

Connect With Claire

One of the best ways to connect with Claire is through the Narratives of Purpose podcast by listening, reviewing and sharing the stories that most inspire you.

Claire is a multi-talented and multi-faceted individual who regularly appears as a host and panelist, as well as a speaker to large audiences.

She not only has her own award nominated podcast, but she can also help you to create and bring to life your very own podcast.

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