Exploring Sustainable Food Systems (PART 1/3) - Food Waste Warriors

Exploring Sustainable Food Systems (PART 1/3) - Food Waste Warriors

In today’s episode, we are doing something different. This is Part One of our conversation focused on Exploring Sustainable Food Systems around the world.

You will hear from multiple voices that represent who we like to call, ‘Food Waste Warriors’ in their field, and it’s sure to give you a fresh and exciting perspective on how to make small changes that create a powerful impact for our future.


Show Notes

In this episode we spoke with Jamie Crummie, an Obama Foundation Leader, who is co-founder of a social impact company, Too Good To Go, who have set a mission to reduce food waste by connecting individuals and organisations and providing a platform to utilise surplus food.

We also spoke with Charlotte Hennessy and Patrick Dupuis from Refettorio - a restaurant with a twist that provides essential meals with radical hospitality to those isolated, experiencing homelessness and food insecurity as well as providing food and hospitality for the local community which supports the movement.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Margaux Mégevand who is the Innovation Project Lead of Partage; a food bank based in Geneva that collects unsold goods daily and redistributes them for free to beneficiary associations and social services.

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