Exploring Sustainable Food Systems (PART 3/3) - Networks and Community Builders

Exploring Sustainable Food Systems (PART 3/3) - Networks and Community Builders

Join us for the final part of our Exploring Sustainable Food Systems episode which shines a spotlight on Networks and Community Builders.

This time we look at how our guests have found alternative ways to approach sustainability and provide solutions that reach into the wider community and their local networks. 


Show Notes

In this episode, we spoke with Imani Black, the founder of Minorities In Aquaculture, an organisation that promotes a more diverse and inclusive aquaculture industry. She shares how she went from being the only woman of colour at management level in her workforce to founding a network for inclusivity in the aquaculture space that has led to more opportunities and diversity within the industry through education and awareness. 

Our second guest was Bastiaan Frich, a leading member of Urban Agriculture Basel, a network that promotes projects in the Basel region committed to organic and holistic food cycles. Bastiaan shares how the ripple effect of small changes have the power and ability to make a huge impact in how we live and how the phrase “What if?” has maintained an element of curiosity within the organisation that has consistently encouraged them to keep trying new things.

Finally, we spoke with Romain Oeggerli and Yohann Pellaux. The co-founders of Alles Gut! Gemüse Kebab, the first sustainable kebab restaurant in Geneva. Their non profit organisation has multiple approaches; Not only have they created a system that provides the community with the opportunity to easily contribute to feeding those in need, they also use local, fresh ingredients which are recognised by GRTA as having quality, proximity, traceability and fairness at the forefront of their produce. 

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