On Advocating For An Inclusive Workplace - A Conversation with Vivian Acquah

On Advocating For An Inclusive Workplace - A Conversation with Vivian Acquah

This first episode of the September Inclusion series features Vivian Acquah who is advocating for an inclusive workplace.

She is the founder of Viva la Vive, the Amplify DEI Summit and host of Let’s Humanize the Workplace podcast.

Vivian advises managers on how to keep their team members engaged, energized, and safe in a sustainable manner, by making topics related to workplace wellness & diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) accessible to everyone.

In today’s conversation, Vivian shares her mission to provide people with the right tools, at the right time, to embrace inclusive changes; but also to motivate people to think consciously and inspire them to take action. Listen to her story.


Show Notes

At the end of the show, the guests share a sneak preview into their favourite music or books by answering the same set of questions. Here are the links to Vivians’s answers. The album she often listens to is Black is King, including the song ‘Bigger’, by Beyoncé. The book she often reads is The Memo by Minda Harts. The song that particularly resonated with her at a specific time in her life is ’My Lifeby Mary J Blige. Her all-time favourite music is the playlist she created for ‘Amplify DEI’ on Deezer.

You can subscribe to Vivian’s podcast ‘Let’s Humanize the Workplace!’ on YouTube. If you want to follow Vivan on social media, these are her channels: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

In case you wish to have more information on Vive la Vive, you can visit the website, where you will also find all the details of the Amplify DEI Summit 2021 happening on 27-29 September. We have a limited number of free tickets for this virtual event. If you want to attend the summit, send us an email at narrativespodcast@gmail.com or connect to our social handles and follow our posts throughout September: Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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