On Destigmatising Handicap and Blindness - A Conversation with Thibault Trancart

On Destigmatising Handicap and Blindness - A Conversation with Thibault Trancart

The third episode of the September Inclusion series features Thibault Trancart, based in Geneva (Switzerland) and founder of No Blink. With No Blink, Thibault offers services such as conferences and workshops, with the aim to raise awareness plus take off the negative perception of visual impairment, but also inspire people to use their struggles as a force to move forward. In this discussion, he shares his journey of becoming blind as an early teenager, then moving to Canada for his university studies, and later training as a ski athlete to compete in the 2018 winter paralympics. Listen to his story. 

Please note that the recording conditions were not optimal. In spite of our best efforts, there is still some residual background noise and we hope this will not affect your listening experience. Thank you for your kind understanding.


Show Notes

At the end of the show, the guests share a sneak preview into their favourite music or books by answering the same set of questions. Here are the links to Thibault’s answers. The song he listens to often at the moment is ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ by Twisted Sisters. The music that particularly resonated with him at a specific time in his life are movie soundtracks, in particular Lord of The Rings, The Island, and Gladiator. His all-time favourite song that he absolutely recommends is ‘Whatever It Takes’ by Imagine Dragons. 

If you want to follow Thibault on social media, you can find him on LinkedIn

Here are some additional useful links. You can learn more about the Trust to Achieve Association, the organisation Thibault mentioned, on their website. In case you wish to have more information on No Blink, you can visit the website or follow through the social media handles: LinkedIn and Facebook.