On Holding Space for Women in the Workplace - Women's Health Series with Fatoumata Ly

On Holding Space for Women in the Workplace - Women's Health Series with Fatoumata Ly

Supporting Women's Health in the Workplace. 

In the fourth episode of Narratives of Purpose's special series on Advancing Women's Health, host Claire Murigande delves into the challenges of addressing women's health within the corporate environment with guest Fatoumata Ly, the co-founder of Ninti.

Fatoumata shares her personal journey and the inception of Ninti, a digital platform aimed at helping employers create supportive work environments for reproductive mental health.

The conversation also touches on the broader implications of supporting women's health in the workplace, emphasising the importance of community, awareness, and scaling solutions to meet widespread needs.


Show Notes

References for content mentioned in this episode:

  • Gender bias in medicine article
  • Gender funding gap data by UBS




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This short series on Advancing Women's Health with Female Founders is supported by TechFace, Lean In Switzerland, and Ladies Drive.



00:00 Episode Introduction

00:39 Revolutionising Reproductive Mental Health

01:38 Introducing the Host and the Podcast

02:26 Fatoumata's Journey to Founding Ninti

04:12 Ninti's Mental Health Care Pathway

07:18 Ninti's B2B2C Model: Partnering with Employers for Change

08:49 Scaling Ninti's Impact

11:16 The AI for Life Summit: A Platform for Change

13:24 The Future of Women's Health and Innovation

16:07 Closing Remarks and Further Resources

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