On Humanising Clinical Trials with AI - Women's Health Series with Danielle Ralic

On Humanising Clinical Trials with AI - Women's Health Series with Danielle Ralic

AI Technology Democratises Access to Clinical Trials and Accelerates Research. 

In the third episode of Narratives of Purpose's special series on Advancing Women's Health, host Claire Murigande explores the intersection of AI and women's health with Danielle Ralic, CEO and founder of Ancora.ai.

Ancora, an AI-powered clinical trial matching platform, aims to democratise access to trials and accelerate research.

Danielle and Claire discuss the healthcare system's shortcomings in serving women, particularly in clinical trials. The conversation also touches on the broader implications of gender inclusivity in AI and the startup ecosystem, emphasising the need for more support for women-led ventures in healthcare innovation.


Show Notes

References for content mentioned in this episode:

  • Gender bias in medicine article
  • Gender funding gap data by UBS




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This short series on Advancing Women's Health with Female Founders is supported by TechFace, Lean In Switzerland, and Ladies Drive.



00:00 Episode Introduction

00:42 The Critical Role of Women in Clinical Trials

01:32 Introducing the Host and the Podcast

02:26 The Genesis of Ancora.ai

04:16 The Power of AI in Democratising Clinical Trials

06:23 Ancora's Dual Approach for Patients and Physicians

07:55 The Impact and Evolution of Ancora

11:08 Advocating for Women's Health and Inclusion in AI

13:23 The Future of Women in Tech and Healthcare Innovation

14:49 Closing Remarks and Further Resources

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