On Leadership for a Sustainable Economy - A conversation with David Fiorucci

On Leadership for a Sustainable Economy - A conversation with David Fiorucci

David Fiorucci is the founder of LP3 Ltd, with his vision of consistent leadership for a sustainable economy.

In this episode, David shares with me the essence of the integrative LP3 model (Leadership, Potential, Power, Performance) that he has developed for over 20+ years. His model enables organisations to have a common guiding language across all levels for creating efficient and consistent leadership for a sustainable economy.

David also gives some advice on what companies should focus on moving forward, to successfully manage through the changes imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Show Notes

At the end of the show, I ask all my guests the same set of questions to get a sneak preview into their favourite music or books. Here are the links to David's answers. The song he often listens to is ‘Children’ by Robert Miles. The songs that particularly resonated with him at a specific time in his life are ‘Shape of my heart’ by Sting, ‘Shake the disease’ by Depeche Mode, and ‘Fan’ by Pascal Obispo. His all-time favourite albums that he absolutely recommends are Ten Summoner’s Tales by Sting, Schindler’s List by John Williams, and the track ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmer from the motion picture Inception.

If you want to follow David on social media, these are his channels: LinkedIn and Twitter. 

In case you wish to have more information on a few points mentioned in our conversation, here are some useful links. The LP3 Ltd. (LP3 Leadership) website provides an overview of the LP3 model. Leader for a sustainable economy is the book authored by David Fiorucci & Thomas Nast, also available in French and German. Adam Grant, an organisational psychologist and bestselling author, was quoted by David when he said "a good leader is a humble narcissist". 

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