On Prison Officers Turned Playwrights - from Creativity Found

On Prison Officers Turned Playwrights - from Creativity Found

Welcome back to a very special series of Narratives of Purpose. We will be doing things a little differently this pre-season in order to showcase even more unique stories of change makers of people who are contributing to make a difference in society. 

Our goal is simple: To amplify social impact by sharing individual journeys of ordinary people who are making an extraordinary impact within their communities and around the world.

This episode features the Creativity Found podcast which is hosted by Claire Waite Brown. Her podcast and community are centred around connecting adults who want to find a creative outlet with the artists and crafters who can help them tap into their creativity.

In this interview, she speaks with Harriet and Ella who are ex-prison officers turned playwrights, whose journey within the criminal justice system has led them back into their true passion of theatre, whilst raising awareness within the community and supporting families and individuals who are affected by the system.


Show Notes

To connect with Claire Waite Brown and listen to the Creativity Found Podcast, you can find her on LinkedIn or check out her website. To find out more about Glasshouse Theatre and connect with its founders, Ella and Harriet, head over to their website

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